We Interviewed a Collector of Watches: “I Have More of 120”

Within our special luxury watches, I want to introduce you to a collector of Madrid. It is called José Luis, and coincidences of life, also children have inherited his fondness for watches. So we are facing a true collector that you are creating tradition in your family. Each watch, for him, is a special part and so the trafficking. It has 128 watches, 97 running, 16 that are in the process of changing the batteries and 15 that it no longer work.

-José Luis, you are a collector, so the first question requires… what takes you to collect clocks?

  • The reason why I start collecting watches is my way of being, which at one point requires me to go well dressed, and since you have to do it, you should go conjoined, in design and colors, not essential as.

The choice depends on the time personal, good or bad?

  • Like any hobby or collection, it depends on finances and so you want to get: investment, (it was not the case at the beginning). Distraction, (we must find something to keep you alive). Surprise (you have to surprise every day with something new). Differentiation, (each one must have a difference with others).

Do your children follow your steps?

  • I have two children and in both cases they have understood the philosophy from the why I have so many watches and remain within their budget, a daughter who was born in 1977, and a son who was born in 1988.

What is your most precious watch?

  • As long as you have a hobby, more appreciated is the first thing that you can pay with your media, a Casio from 1978 Digital, with alarm and calendar (day, month), bought in Las Palmas for 25,000 pesetas. Currently it does not work, but I have it.

And… how many watches have?

  • I have 128 watches there are 97 of them running, 16 changing the batteries and 15 that no longer work.

If you give a blank cheque, what watch would you buy?

  • I have many in study but would be Swiss and English machinery rope. Although currently, the machines are all good, copied and manufactured in the same places and watches only differ in features and design.

Are the watches for a collector a commodity, an investment, a whim, or a pleasure?

  • In my case are a fad, that gives you pleasure when you get it)Watch me change daily), but one of them is valuable and could be an investment, in my case is not the end.

At end of year do cleaning or buy a bigger box?

  • The inventory is permanent, Since every six months, I have to put that out in time. As me the change every day, those who do not stack going to a section and led them to change the battery and review (I take them to El Corte Inglés). The place of storage has changed, and today there is a flat box that all in exhibition, fitted me to choose each day making a glass box for twelve where are those who consider it extra value and snap (commemoration, design, price…)

What to feel when you are in your collection?

  • In front of the collection I am every morning and does not give me time to feel, just to think what should I get. The feeling is when I speak of this as at this time with you and I am happy, well, I think that more than one person Besides my children has caught the fans, which has almost never been for investment, but for culture and image.

Jose Luis, thanks and hope in Embelezzia witness the collection increase little by little. A pleasure to share with you a talk about watches… And you, collectors, do not want to tell us about your case?

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