Treatment Orthomolecular: What It Is, What It Is and How It Is Made

The treatment orthomolecular is a therapeutic option alternative that seeks to restore vitamins and minerals from the body and eliminate free radicals through diet and use of natural products for the skin, for example. Thus, this type of treatment can be used both to improve the health and appearance of the skin as also to assist weight loss.

One of the more recent applications of the treatment molecular is in the treatment of stretch marks, which guarantees good results in a few sessions even for the stretch marks white, which usually does not come out. You can also learn about some options of home treatment for stretch marks.

Treatment orthomolecular for stretch marks

Treatment Orthomolecular What It Is, What It Is and How It Is Made 1

The treatment orthomolecular for stretch marks is able to act both on the red streaks in white, needing a few sessions to get satisfactory results. This type of treatment also makes use of creams, lotions and masks composed of natural ingredients with the objective of restoring the minerals and vitamins of the skin, improving its appearance and texture.

This type of treatment is called Striort, can be done by a physical therapist dermatofuncional, for example,and consists in the application of a small tube to the vacuum at the site of the ridge that stimulates the circulation in that region, improving the appearance of the stria. During the procedure it is normal to note that stretch marks are swollen and red, but improve after a few days. After the session, the person should use creams based nutrients, according to the guidance of the professional, to assist the regeneration of the skin.

Despite the Striort be a simple procedure and without risk, is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who are lactating.

Treatment Orthomolecular What It Is, What It Is and How It Is Made 2

The treatment orthomolecular for stretch marks is not painful, invasive and does not cause skin injuries, however it is necessary to avoid exposing the region to sunlight and use sunscreen to prevent stains. Learn about other treatment options to take away stretch marks white, red, and purple.

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Because of the use of antioxidants, the treatment orthomolecular is able to improve the appearance of the skin by stimulating collagen production and the elimination of spots and wrinkles. In addition, it is able to eliminate free radicals that can be present of some diseases, so reducing the inflammation, as in the case of arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. To understand how the orthomolecular medicine.

Treatment Orthomolecular What It Is, What It Is and How It Is Made 3