The Best Treatments to Eliminate the Double Chin

To reduce the double chin, the popular double chin, you can apply creams firming or make a aesthetic treatment such as radio frequency or lipocavitação, but a more radical option is the plastic surgery liposuction or lifting of the neck and chest because these treatments are able to entirely eliminate the ‘double chin’, giving the appearance of being more thin and smooth the face.

The jowl is a fat accumulation in the region below the chin due to excess weight, and can arise in both men and women, being more frequent from the age of 35, when the skin becomes more flaccid, which favours its appearance.

How to eliminate double chin

The options to eliminate the double chin are:

1. Do a aesthetic treatment

There are some cosmetic treatments that can help in the reduction of double chin, and some of the more commonly used include:

  • Rf: it is a technique that helps in decreasing localized fat, helping to make the skin more firm, since it releases the fat and increases blood circulation. This technique is applied a gel on the chin, sliding a device over the gel with circular movements, and the results are progressive.

The Best Treatments to Eliminate the Double Chin 1

  • Laser:The lasers Nd: YAG and the diode laser are the most indicated to eliminate fat under the chin
  • Acid deoxicólico: this acid is made from a molecule that naturally exists in the body, originating from the bile acids, and has the action to melt fat in the body. It is a procedure done by trained professionals, and when applied to the desired region, they cause a local inflammatory reaction which helps to decrease the fat. This procedure is also called Kybella.
  • Mesotherapy:involves the application of injections that can be very draining, lipolytic and reaffirmation is required of 6 to 10 weekly sessions.
  • Criolipólise: it is an aesthetic treatment that acts cooling the region treated at low temperatures, crystallizing the fat, that is eliminated naturally by the lymphatic circulation.
  • Lipocavitação:although this region of the neck has the accumulated fat, to perform the lipocavitação it is necessary to form a fold of fat, which is why this procedure is only indicated for people with a double chin higher.

In addition to these treatments, can be made to sessions of lymphatic drainage on the face, which helps eliminate fat cells and decrease the swelling of the chin.

2. Apply creams firming

To eliminate the double chin, in any case also it is recommended to apply creams firming, with the effect of the tensor, as they are rich in colagênio, vitamins and elastin and give more firmness to the skin, reducing sagging.

The Best Treatments to Eliminate the Double Chin 2

Some examples of the right ingredients are: hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol lactate), Vitamin E and Matryxil Sinthe 6. Discover the Best creams for sagging.

The creams must be applied every day, preferably at night, on clean and dry skin, and you should-if you leave operate during the entire night.

3. Do a liposuction or facelift

Liposuction of the chin is a cosmetic surgery where is suction the excess fat from the chin through the small holes, and is usually done in people with excess weight.

In some cases, liposuction is not the solution and it is necessary also to make a facelift of the face to remove the excess skin in this region, as happens in older people or that emagreceram much.. you Know everything about this cosmetic surgery that makes the face more youthful and beautiful.

These surgeries cost on average 5 thousand reais, and are made with local anesthesia, and do not need hospitalization and recovery is rapid, taking on average 2 weeks. After the surgery there may arise a bit of swelling and dark spots in the first few days and, to help you recover as well it is important to put a band compression in the face and make the lymphatic drainage in the first week.

How to disguise jowls

Some ways to disguise the double chin, include:

The Best Treatments to Eliminate the Double Chin 3

  • Wear makeup:you should use a powder darker than your skin tone to accentuate the jaw and apply the mask on the eyes to make them look bigger, focusing the attention on the eyes and distracting attention from the rest of the face and, therefore, you should opt for lipsticks, clear and neutral.
  • Have shoulder-length hair:the hair should be after the shoulders, for hair that touch on the neck and call attention to the double chin, or that are very long lengthen the face;
  • Use the beard: in the case of men, shave carefully helps hide the double chin;
  • Avoid necklaces:who has the double chin, you should not put collars on the neck even if they are not righteous, because it captivates the attention of the people;
  • Maintain an erect posture:stand with your back straight, throwing his shoulders back and keeping your back straight, it helps not accumulate fat in the neck;
  • Opt for blouses with V-neck: because the neck seems longer.

These are just techniques that can help to disguise the double chin, but not eliminate it definitely.