How to Recover the Hair Broken

The hair can break in any part of its length, however, he becomes more visible when they break in the front, close to the root or at the tips.

After a period of increased hair loss, it is normal for the hair to start to grow and look what is broken in the front, but in fact are new wires.

In this case one can observe that all the hair looks and feels healthy and hydrated, but ‘broken’ close to the root. Thus, the solution to this problem is to adopt strategies to grow the hair faster, but it is also possible to hide these new wires with some simple strategies, how to apply a serum after washing your hair or using a fixative spray, for example.

How to recover the brittle hair

When the hair is broken along the wires or on the ends, it is more likely that this break is related to the wires dry and damaged. In this case, to retrieve the hair broken you should:

How to Recover the Hair Broken 1

  • Use food supplements based on vitamin And to strengthen the strands;
  • Moisturize weekly the hair with good quality products or using natural ingredients;
  • To bet on products with Argan oil, keratin, or urea, which may be indicated by the hairdresser;
  • Avoid straighten or dye your hair, in addition to not use the iron more than 1 time per week;
  • Do treatments such as cauterization, capillary sealing or botox capillaryto retrieve the wires.

Usually, the hair broken is fully recovered in approximately 2 years, but with proper treatment it is possible to disguise these wires damaged in about 1 or 2 months. Treatment of cauterization and sealing are excellent options because they hydrate deep into the hair with immediate effect and prolonged.

Products to recover the hair broken

In addition to the suggestions above, there are beauty products that can be used as often which help restore the wires, keeping them soft and healthy. Some examples are:

How to Recover the Hair Broken 2

  • Essential oils for tips, like Argan oil or melaleuca that help to redo the layer of hair;
  • Massage creams with urea which is a moisturiser that helps to retain water in the hair;
  • Shampoo without salt, with keratin, which leaves the strands more beautiful and structured.

Try the at home treatment with herbs to repair damaged hair.

By the hair to break?

The hair can break when it is very fragile and dry and therefore people with hair dyed, straightened or hair is very curly has an easier time to stay with the hair as well. Use a rubber band to hold the hair still wet also cause breakage of the wires, and this is indicated always use the belt loops or ‘xuxinhas’ fabric.

However, the breakage of the hair may also happen due to a disease called tricorrexe nodes, where a change occurs in the strand of hair, appearing a few nodes along the wire of the hair, and it is at these nodes that the hairs break. Other less common causes are exposure to sunlight, nutritional deficiencies and endocrine diseases, which affect the thyroid, for example.

Tips to keep your hair always healthy

The hair will falling and rising slowly, and has a cycle life of approximately 5 years. To ensure that your hair always stays healthy during this period must:

How to Recover the Hair Broken 3

  1. Use a shampoo suited to your hair type;
  2. Remove all the excess shampoo and conditioner to rinse the hair;
  3. Do not wash the hair in hot water, because in addition to dehydrate the wire, it stimulates the production of sebum by the scalp and can also cause peeling;
  4. Avoid using the dryer, but if you must keep it away at a minimum of 10 inches of the wires;
  5. Apply a mask once a week to keep the hair healthy and nourished.

So, if even after taking all the care to keep your hair healthy and hydrated, it remain like broken for weeks or months, it is good to go to the doctor to avalar to the need to perform blood tests that can identify diseases that are causing these changes in the hair. Here are some signs that may indicate problems with the thyroid by clicking here.