How Discolor the Hair at Home

The discoloration of the hair corresponds to the removal of the pigment of the wires and is made with the purpose to lighten the hair and are used for this two products: the oxygenated water, which opens the cuticle of the wires, and the bleaching that penetrates into the wires to remove the natural color.

The discoloration process is quite exhausting for the wires, resulting in hair very dry, dull and brittle. So, before you make a staining process, for example, it is important to identify the characteristics of the hair. So it is important to do a recovery of the wires before and after the discoloration, such as hydration and / or cauterization, to prevent the hair to become very spoiled with the process. Check out some options homemade to moisturize dried hair.

The best way to fade hair is with a professional in the beauty salon, but can also be done at home. For this reason, it is recommended to have dry hair in the time of the application and, preferably, dirty, because the oils natural hair helps protect the wires. In addition, it is recommended to use a blouse old or a bathrobe to avoid staining the clothes.

How Discolor the Hair at Home 1

How discolor the hair

The step-by-step to discolor the hair is:

  1. Choose the bleaching, preferably good brands and are of blue coloring, that has a better effect bleaching and prevent the hair to become very yellow. Some examples of brands are: Blond-Upof Revlon, Blond Me of Schwarzkopf, Wella Blondor, Platinum Plus Lóreal or Alfaparf supermechas, for example;
  2. Select the oxygenated water which will react with the bleaching, preferably stabilized, creamy, in a volume of 10 to 40. It should be remembered that the higher the volume of peroxide, the more rapid is the effect of bleaching, however, can spoil more quickly the wires;
  3. Mix the bleaching powder and the oxygenated water, until they form a creamy mixture, and homogeneous, usually with 1 measure of powder to 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide;
  4. Do a test on a strandof hair, to gauge if there will be some damage to the hair during the process, and one should avoid discolor all the hair in case the wires become very brittle or elastic. In these cases, look for a professional hairdresser;
  5. Divide the hair into curlsusing fasteners. Check out if you can see well the back of the hair, which can be visualized by placing a mirror also in the back, but if you have difficulty, call another person to help you apply the product;
  6. Pass a moisturizing cream on the skin around the hair, such as the forehead, neck and ears, to prevent them from getting stained or angry with the product;
  7. How Discolor the Hair at Home 2
  8. Apply the product with a brush to the hair, starting at the tip of the wire, to then pass in the parts of the top, because the root is more sensitive and has just discolored the first of the tips. If the intention is to discolor the entire hair, including the root, and prefer to pass the product over the entire length, for after passing in the region near to the scalp, so that the result is more homogeneous;
  9. Note the time of action of the product, and if you keep it for more than 30 to 40 minutes with the product on the hair. A tip is to look at every 5-10 minutes if the desired shade has been reached, since the time of the discoloration varies according to the current color of the hair and if you already have used other products which can make the discoloration;
  10. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse wellto remove all residue of the product;
  11. Finish with a mottlingwith products that fix the coloring of the wires, avoiding that they acquire tones unwanted yellow, orange or greyish, for example. Usually are product-specific, color-purple or blue, however, can be replaced by tonalizantes, paints, or other types of brokers;color

At the end of the process, do a good hydration on the wires, with a hydrating mask. For a better result of reconstruction, add a bulb of keratin on the hydration. Check out, also, options masks homemade to moisturize the different types of hair.

Care after the discoloration

How Discolor the Hair at Home 3

After the discoloration, the hair get the cuticles open, which makes them lose nutrients and hydration. Thus, it is necessary to have some care so that your hair stays healthy, silky and with shine, such as:

  • Hidratações weekly or bi-weekly at home and once per month treatment of capillary reconstruction in the beauty salon;
  • Diet with foods rich in protein, such as egg and gelatin, for example, because protein helps in the formation of the hair, making the hair grow faster and become more beautiful. Learn to choose foods that strengthen the hair;
  • Avoid washing hair with very hot water, as the warmth facilitates opening of the scales of the wires;
  • After washing, let the hair dry naturally and use a good leave-in, as the oil-based Argan, or coconut oil, to protect the wires of aggression as heat, wind and sun;
  • If you need to blow-dry hair with a hairdryer, try to keep a distance of 30 cm from the wires;
  • Comb the hair carefully, taking calmly and use, preferably, combs of teeth wide.

In addition, it is also recommended to program a Schedule in the Capillary, which is a hydration treatment intensive, divided into phases, being a potent skimmer of the wires damaged. Learn how to save the hair in 1 month with the schedule in the capillary.