Dior Presents The Haute Couture at Their Watches: VIII Grand Bal Dior Haute Couture

If last week we showed you the new watches from the French firm Dior within the Grand Bal Résille collection, today we do the same within the collection Grand Bal Haute Couture.

The Haute Couture He moved to these delicate timepieces which pay tribute to the magnificence of the fashion world. In them the protagonists are none other than 5 gemstones ornamental.

Within the Dior VIII Grand Bal Haute Couture collection there are three different versions with a 38 mm case in white gold and gold hands, and with Black ceramic strap. The first model stands out for having the crimp bezel with 60 Emerald baguette.

The second watch is equipped with a Atrina mother-of-Pearl dialing with 227 pink sapphires.

And finally the third model is presented in white ceramic strap and stands out for its bezel set with 60 baguette Sapphire of Nigeria, as well as the emeralds and diamonds that we find in the field.

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