Accessories for Composing Look

Your style is key in accessories, namely, what and how do you use. Compose incredible looks is a question of choosing well the details and let them indicate how cool you are.

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola today presented the Moto 360, its first intelligent watch, which reaches the Brazilian market by R $800. The clock, which weighs 49 grams, has stainless steel round screen and runs Android Wear, specially developed system for wearable devices.

Test: Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

Together with the Samsung Galaxy S5 , we also had the Gear Fit available for testing. This is not a proper smart watch, but rather a fitness gadget with large display. It is a curved AMOLED display, which is why the device is also very well attached to the arm. In addition to this, I personally started to do some […]

New Smartwatches from Pebble

Today, Pebble lets it crash but now really something older start-up directly presents the same three times Wearables and offers this already starting from 69 dollars. Pebble not only presents the already available Smartwatches with new generations, but also brings a whole new device with Pebble Core to the start.

Ice Watch

Ice watch a success story without end The watchmaker ice watch is long a guarantee for the high quality of wristwatches since October 2007. Over the years, the Belgian manufacturer of watch by his has many colored models and collections of ice watch wristwatches made a name and recently presented its latest model the ice watch […]

Jaeger-LeCoultre Day & Night Watch

The appointments ‘Date’ Jaeger-LeCoultre is available with a nude colored strap in alligator leather (left) or with a link bracelet in pink gold.

Reasons that Notifications Are Not the Future of the IWatch

After having received confirmation of the Apple event to on Tuesday, September 9, the hive of rumors is throwing fire. Although the alleged appearance of the next iPhone leaked over and over again, we cannot say the same of the iWatch. It remains as elusive as the mythical Apple TV.

Keynote From Apple: Smarte Watch Comes

After a lot of other big smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola…) have presented a Smartwatch, Apple is finally pulling-and in some places still one on it.

The Rumor Star of the Season, the IWatch

The truth is that the rumor star what far this year is not the new Mac Pro, the new Apple TV, nor fluzo capacitor, is the iWatch. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere and many media (us included) who have echoed him. They already have it as a dogma and some appear to be in the countdown […]